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Walkhouse School of Dance is reopening on the 14th September 2020 with new safety measures and social distancing guidelines in place.

Please login to Members, and then read our COVID-19 procedures here, and ensure you have completed a waiver here before your first class.

Classes We Offer

Pre-school Dance

For students wishing to learn the fundamental movements in dance. Fun dance classes for pre-school students with caring, fully-qualified instructors.

ISTD Imperial ballet

Ballet classes are available from 2 1/2 years and up. Students study the ISTD ballet syllabus and have the opportunity to

enter exams once they have reached the expected standard.Ballet is recommended for all students as the foundation of technique.

ISTD Modern theatre

Modern Theatre follows the ISTD grades from Primary up offering exams throughout the year.

ISTD Tap dance

Tap dance is available from pre primary up following the ISTD syllabus with exams offered once the students have achieved the recommended standard.

Jazz stretch and technique

Jazz is offered to students to improve their flexibility and technique as well as an opportunity to enjoy more free work. 

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